• $18.89

    90 - Mixed Grill

    This house specialty is a delicious combination of Adana, Tavuk Adana, Beef, Tavuk and Doner Kebab, served with rice, house salad and soup of the day.

  • $15.89

    91 - Sultan Kebab

    Finely chopped lamb meat on a skewer char-grilled and wrapped in lavash flat bread and cut into sections and
    layered around bed of rice then finely topped with garlic yogurt and our own sauce and served with house salad.

  • $20.99

    92 - Pirzola (Lamb Chops)

    Tender rack of lamb gently marinated with Turkish herbs & olive oil, grilled and served with bed of rice, house salad and lebni.

  • $13.99

    93 - Manti (Turkish Ravioli)

    Fresh dough stuffed with minced beef, baked in brick oven then boiled and topped with garlic yogurt, butter roasted red pepper and dried mint.